The Letter Project

Stationary & Pen

This past fall I received a surprise in the mail one day. It wasn’t a bill or some kind of catalog, but rather a letter. A small card saying hello and filled with some beautiful words from my best friend, who now lives in another state. When I text her to thank her for the small token, she told me that she wanted to connect with the people in her life in more meaningful and personal ways. Her way of doing so would be through writing letters to people and mailing them off.

The idea struck me as nostalgic and thoughtful in a way that I think has been lost for most people with the rise of technology. I loved it and looked forward to receiving more of these notes and promised that I would return the gesture in the new year.

So last week when I opened my email to go through my newsletters, I got a pleasant reminder to make good on that promise. One of my favorite newsletters by Words of Women spoke about getting involved with The Letter Project. This organization’s mission is to write letters to young girls going through hard times that are filled with advice, wisdom, and hope, in order to build them up and give them encouragement.

One of the things I really want to dedicate time to in 2019 is giving back to causes close to my heart, specifically working with young women and girls and people with disabilities. So this project really struck a chord with me and I’m looking forward to giving it some of my time. You can also get involved by signing up here to write your first letter.

Let us all spread some joy, love, and words of encouragement in this new year.

Until next time.


Adriana Alicia