My Recent Reading Picks

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Two months I found myself with a sudden excess of free time on my hands.  I decided on a whim one Sunday night that I was going to take a break from all social media. No Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook, NOTHING! It allowed me to put a stop to the mindless scrolling I found myself doing. During the day I was able to channel some serious productivity and complete tasks that I had been putting off for months. At night I wanted to continue doing something enriching so I turned to the stack of books on my side table that had been collecting dust. After the first night of diving into my first pick, I was totally hooked and have been reading up a storm.

So let’s get into the books I’ve been loving:

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

First off I’m obsessed with the queen of vulnerability Mrs. Brene Brown. Her book Daring Greatly was life-changing when I read it a few years ago during my recovery from a terrible car accident. I’ve had this book sitting for an embarrassingly long time and now that I have finally gotten through it, it did not disappoint. She explores the journey of being faced with negativity in its many forms and confronting the feelings of shame, guilt, and reckoning that you have to grapple with in order to react with humility and vulnerability rather than ego and hurt. The book was filled with some very interesting truths about the baggage that people bring to all human interactions. My key takeaway was that we’re all doing the best we can and when you bring that truth along with you it makes you a more understanding and kind being.

What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love by Carol Radziwill

For all my fellow Real Housewives of New York fans, we all know and love Carol Radziwill. But for those of you poor unfortunate souls that don’t know who she is let me give you a bit of back story. She is a former ABC producer who was married to Anthony Radziwill, son of Princess Lee Radziwill, cousin and best friend to John F. Kennedy Jr. This memoir is a tale of life, love, and loss. From her humble beginnings in upstate New York to her journey to the big city where she meets and falls in love with Anthony. 

This book is beautifully written and incredibly moving. It’s a story of the evolution of life, the unexpected tragedies that can strike at any time, and the emotional reckoning that those around you must endure in those times. I identified with her in many ways throughout the book and was touched deeply by reading her story. Side note: I am now totally fascinated with John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn, who were her and her husband’s best friends, and I’m planning on diving into books about their lives next.

Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker

This book is short but jam-packed with great advice. Peter offers applicable steps on how to best manage your learning and work. He breaks down his process of setting goals and how to predict and analyze the outcome of the decisions you make in life. For me, this book is all about identifying where you want to go and laying out a plan on how to get there. If you know what your strengths are, how you learn, and what values guide you, then any goal you choose for yourself can be conquered.

Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now by Jaron Lanier

I first heard about this book when it came out last year and the author was doing press appearances for it on CNN. Since I was taking a break from social media I figured it would be apropos to finally read it. The entire book kinda reads like one long conspiracy theory about social media being used by dark forces to ruin humanity and free-thinking BUT he makes some very valid. It’s not at all fanatical and if you have spent any time on Twitter or Facebook you can recall an instance that is exactly like one of the ten arguments he makes throughout the book.

I think every single person should read this book if you actively use the internet in 2019. If for no other reason than to evaluate the ways in which you use and interact with others on the internet. I clearly am not following his suggestion to stop using social media altogether but the way in which I interact and consume online content has definitely shifted in a HUGE way after reading this.

The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

I’ve been wanting to read more of Robert’s books so I thought this would be an interesting choice. This year I have spent a lot of time online dating and I can’t say it’s been successful. So before continuing to engage with men that aren’t proving worth my time, I’m shifting my focus back to myself. The seduction aspect of dating is not something I’ve ever thought about and so my skills in that arena are probably gravely underdeveloped. That’s just unacceptable darlings, so I’m hoping this book will help.

This book breaks down the nine types of seducers, twenty-four (whoa!) maneuvers and strategies for seduction, and eighteen types of victims of seduction. Who knew that seduction was so complex??? I’m loving this pick so far and once I’m finished with it I may have to do a post on how I’m going to apply what I learn. 

I hope you enjoy these picks and if you choose to read any of them or have previously, let’s discuss them. Happy reading!

Until next time.